Oleg Moskalov

A guitar teacher, concert-level musician, arranger and composer

Graduated from The Gnessin State Musical College with the major variety music art, instrument - guitar, qualification - variety artist, variety ensemble director.

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Classical Guitar


Access to articles, exercises and video tips.


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Teacher's help, tabulature player, video lessons, articles, exercises, video tips.

Why is VirtualBand

an easy, interesting and fun way to learn how to play an instrument.

Learning through practice

No more dull theory and exercises. Every task is a piece of a well-known tracks aimed to develop your skills and expand your repertoire.

Skills enhancement

Over 40 various techniques and methods for you to master while completing the tasks, all grouped in thought-through learning paths from the easiest to the most difficult.

Chats with teachers

Some tasks might prove difficult or raise questions. You can use the web chat to get help from our teachers.

Video evaluation

To complete a task, you will have to upload a video of it. Our teachers will evaluate your progress and give tips on how to fix your mistakes.

Online Tabs Player

Online Tabs Player and teacher's tips and tricks help your to learn easier.


Easy way to learn even if you hard to read tabs.

Video examples

Short video examples without any words show you playing techniques.

Flexible timetable

The tutorial is available 24x7. You can practice any time. No need to adjust your schedule to someone else’s or leave your place.

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Why call it VirtualBand?

With us, you can play in a virtual band

Band members

The tasks are put together in such a way that all members could learn pieces of the same track.

Rehearsal place

Each member rehearses at home to a backing track and a video of the resulting performance onto VirtualBand.

First concerts

When each member has prepared their part, VirtualBand puts them together into a video of your band. All users will be able to see your performance.

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For beginners

Special courses for beginners will help you master all necessary skills and learn to play famous tracks.

Improving your techniques

The courses aimed to improve certain techniques will not only introduce various skills but also help perfect them.

Various specializations

Certain courses are dedicated to a specific part in a band, for instance, rhythm guitar or guitar solo.

Courses by genres

The courses are built on tasks in various music styles so you can get yourself familiar with their typical techniques and styles of performance.


All materials are tested by the authors of the courses, so you won’t be wasting time learning inaccurate parts.

All you need on one plathform

The tutorial offers tablature, backing tracks, video tips and examples of its execution. You won’t need to spend time surfing the Internet in search for these materials.

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